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focus lens holder for laser cutting machine
collimator lens holder for laser cutting machine
collimating lens holder for laser cutting machine
focusing lens holder for laser cutting machine
holder for laser cutting machine
focus lens holder for laser cutting machine
collimator lens holder for laser cutting machine
collimating lens holder for laser cutting machine
focusing lens holder for laser cutting machine
holder for laser cutting machine

Focusing Collimating Lens Holder

Focusing/collimating lens holder form China

The Focusing/Collimating Lens Holder is a crucial component used in laser systems for precise beam control and manipulation.

It is designed to securely hold the focusing or collimating lens in place, ensuring accurate positioning and alignment of the laser beam.

This laser lens holder allows for easy adjustments of the lens position, enabling fine-tuning of the beam focus or expansion.

The Focusing/Collimating Lens Holder finds applications in various industries, including laser cutting, engraving, marking, and scientific research.

We are a trustworthy Chinese company, and the laser consumables we provide are compatible with brand torches such as Suplasercut, Relfar, Bodor, WSX, Empower, etc. Welcome to make a purchase!


Focusing/collimating lens holder features

  • Provides secure and stable placement for the lens in the laser cutting system.
  • Allows for precise alignment and positioning of the lens.
  • Enables accurate control and shaping of the laser beam.
  • May include adjustable settings to fine-tune the focus or collimation of the beam.
  • Durable construction to withstand the rigors of laser cutting operations.
  • Compatible with a wide range of lens sizes and types.
  • Easy to install and adjust for convenient use.

Advantagesofourfocusing/collimating lens holder

  • Durable construction: Our lens holder is constructed using high-quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques, ensuring its durability and longevity. This reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, contributing to long-term cost savings.
  • Reliable performance: The lens holder is designed to provide stable and reliable performance, ensuring consistent and accurate focusing or collimating of the laser beam. This reliability helps to minimize downtime and optimize productivity, enhancing the overall cost-effectiveness of the machine.
  • Precise alignment: Our lens holder is designed to hold the focusing or collimating lens securely and maintain precise alignment. This ensures that the laser beam is directed accurately, resulting in precise cutting or welding operations. Precise alignment reduces material wastage, improves efficiency, and reduces the need for rework.
  • Versatility: Our lens holder is compatible with a range of focusing or collimating lenses, making it a versatile choice for different laser systems or applications. This versatility eliminates the need to purchase multiple lens holders for different lenses, saving costs and providing flexibility in choosing the appropriate lens for specific tasks.
  • Easy installation and adjustment: Our lens holder is designed for easy installation and adjustment. It allows for quick and precise positioning of the lens, simplifying the setup process and reducing the time required for calibration or maintenance. This ease of use contributes to improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Cost-saving design: Our lens holder is designed with cost-saving considerations in mind. It incorporates efficient manufacturing processes to reduce production costs while maintaining high-quality standards. The design also ensures that the lens holder requires minimal maintenance, further reducing operational expenses.
  • Compatibility with existing systems: Our lens holder is designed to be compatible with various laser systems, including both cutting machines and handheld welding machines. This compatibility allows for seamless integration into existing setups, eliminating the need for significant modifications or investments in new equipment.
  • Technical support and service: Along with the lens holder, we provide exceptional technical support and service. Our team is available to assist with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or maintenance needs, ensuring that you get the most out of the lens holder and maximizing its cost-effectiveness over time.

Specifications of  Focusing collimating lens holder

Brand Series Model Applicable Power















HPSSL 30-100 4KW




ProCutter 1.0

37-100 6KW
37-100 8KW
37-100 15KW





ProCutter 2.0




ProCutter Original





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