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ceramic ring for laser cutting machine
focus lens holder
ceramic rings for laser cutting machine
laser ceramic nozzle holder for laser cutting machine
laser ceramic ring
ceramic ring for laser cutting machine
focus lens holder
ceramic rings for laser cutting machine
laser ceramic nozzle holder for laser cutting machine
laser ceramic ring

Ceramic Ring

Ceramic ring/laser ceramic nozzle holder China supplier

The Ceramic Ring is a key component used in various industrial applications.

Laser ceramic nozzle holder is made from high-quality ceramic materials that offer excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties.

The primary function of the Ceramic Ring is to act as an insulating barrier, protecting sensitive components from excessive heat transfer.

Ceramic ring holder finds applications in a wide range of industries, including electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, power generation, and high-temperature processes.

We are a trustworthy Chinesemanufacturer, and the laser consumables we provide are compatible with brand torches such as Suplasercut, Relfar, Bodor, WSX, Empower, etc.

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Ceramic ring/laser ceramic nozzle holder features

  • Made of high-purity ceramic material, such as alumina (Al2O3).
  • Withstands high temperatures generated during laser cutting processes.
  • Acts as a protective barrier between the nozzle and the focusing lens.
  • Prevents debris, heat, and gases from reaching and damaging the lens.
  • Minimizes the risk of contamination and thermal damage.
  • Contributes to the longevity and performance of the laser cutting system.
  • Compatible with various laser cutting machines.
  • Easy to install and replace for maintenance purposes.

Advantages of our ceramic ring for handheld laser welding machine

  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness: Our ceramic ring provides excellent cost-effectiveness. The material and manufacturing process used in its production ensure a durable and long-lasting product, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing operating costs over time.
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques: We utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to produce our ceramic ring, ensuring precision, consistency, and reliability. The use of high-quality ceramic materials and precise machining processes results in a product that meets stringent quality standards, making it a reliable choice for demanding welding applications.
  • Superior heat resistance: The ceramic material used in our ring offers exceptional heat resistance properties. It can withstand high temperatures generated during laser welding without deformation or degradation. This heat resistance enables continuous and intensive welding operations, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Improved weld quality: The use of our ceramic ring in handheld laser welding machines contributes to improved weld quality. The ring helps to focus the laser beam precisely, enhancing the control and precision of the welding process. This results in cleaner and stronger welds, reducing the need for post-welding treatments and enhancing the overall aesthetics and strength of the welded joints.
  • Enhanced durability: Our ceramic ring is designed to be highly durable, allowing it to withstand the rigors of repetitive welding operations. It has excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, and thermal shocks, ensuring a longer lifespan and reducing the frequency of replacement. This durability translates into cost savings and increased reliability for users.
  • Compatibility and versatility: Our ceramic ring is compatible with various models and brands of handheld laser welding machines, making it a versatile choice for different setups and applications. It can seamlessly integrate into existing systems, allowing users to benefit from its advanced features and performance enhancements without having to invest in new equipment.
  • Efficient energy utilization: The design and composition of our ceramic ring contribute to efficient energy utilization in handheld laser welding machines. It helps to focus and direct the energy of the laser beam accurately, optimizing the welding process and minimizing energy wastage. This efficiency leads to cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Specifications of Ceramic ring

Name Laser ceramic nozzle holder(Ceramic Ring)
Diameter 32mm/28mm
Height 12mm
Thread 14mm/11mm
Application compatible with Raytools/Empower, WSX, etc.
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