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collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine
collimating lens for laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Machine Collimating Lens

Laser cutting machine collimating lens Chinese company

The Laser Cutting Machine Collimating Lens is responsible for transforming the divergent laser beam into a parallel beam, ensuring precise and efficient cutting operations.

This fiber laser collimator lens is crafted using high-quality optical materials to ensure superior performance and beam quality.

It finds applications in various industries, including metal fabrication, electronics manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and architectural models.

We are a trustworthy Chinese manufacturer, and the laser consumables we provide are compatible with brand torches such as Suplasercut, Relfar, Bodor, WSX, Empower, etc. Welcome to make a purchase!


Laser cutting machine collimating lens features

  • Precision optics designed for transforming diverging laser beams into collimated or parallel beams.
  • High-quality optical material for efficient transmission and low losses.
  • Curvature optimization to achieve accurate beam collimation.
  • Enhances cutting quality by improving beam stability.
  • Increases the efficiency of the laser cutting process.
  • Compatible with different laser cutting machines.
  • Durable and resistant to thermal and mechanical stresses.
  • Easy to replace and maintain for optimal performance.

Advantages of our collimating lens for laser cutting machine

  • Enhanced Beam Control: Our collimating lens allows for precise control and manipulation of the laser beam, ensuring optimal focus and beam quality during the cutting process. This results in improved cutting accuracy and a cleaner cut edge.
  • Increased Cutting Efficiency: The collimating lens helps to maximize the utilization of laser energy by effectively shaping and directing the beam. This leads to higher cutting speeds, improved cutting efficiency, and reduced processing time.
  • Improved Focus and Depth of Field: Our collimating lens helps to maintain a consistent focus and depth of field across the cutting area. This ensures uniform cutting performance and eliminates variations in cut quality due to beam divergence or focal length changes.
  • Extended Lens Lifespan: Our collimating lens is constructed with high-quality materials, offering excellent durability and longevity. This reduces the frequency of lens replacements, resulting in cost savings and reduced downtime for maintenance.
  • Versatile Applicability: Our collimating lens is designed to be compatible with various laser cutting machines, making it suitable for a wide range of cutting applications. It provides flexibility and ease of integration into different systems.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By improving cutting efficiency, reducing processing time, and extending the lifespan of the lens, our collimating lens contributes to overall cost savings. It helps to optimize productivity, reduce operating costs, and enhance the return on investment.

List of Focusing/Collimating Lens Models for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Specifications Diameter focal length
Single lens 19mm 80mm、120mm
Composite lenses 20mm 80mm、120mm
Single lens 20mm 50mm、80mm、120mm、150mm
Single lens 24mm 120mm
Composite lenses 24.7mm 75mm、125mm、150,mm
Single lens 25mm 60mm、100mm、125mm
Single lens 25.4mm 100mm、125mm、150,mm
Single lens 26mm 75mm(Composite lenses)、150mm
Single lens 28mm 60mm、120mm、150mm、200mm
Composite lenses 28mm 75mm、100mm、125mm、150mm
Composite lenses/Single lens 30mm 75mm、100mm、125mm、150mm、155mm、190.5mm、200mm
Single lens 34mm 120mm、125mm、150mm、200mm
Composite lenses 37mm 100mm、125mm、150mm、190mm、200mm
Single lens 38.1mm 120mm、125mm、150mm、200mm
Composite lenses 38.1mm 100mm、200mm
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